Wednesday, February 11, 2009

we're back

Setting off on Friday afternoon the Shire Corsa didn't know what a fun little adventure she was in for, a perfect journey down in the 10hr mobile disco that is my car featured classic Solid Steel mixes and copious amounts of Drum and Bass. We woke after a few hours sleep to hear that Rob and Ned had got a little excited at 6 in the morning and had decided to turn Rob's focus into a Reliant Robin via the process of eliminating cornering on roundabouts. For the record Rob is usually a good driver and isn't used to being jumped by new road layouts at such hours. This left us all in the mighty Corsa with the exhaust knocking out a fine tune on the rear axle. On our first day we decided to hedge our bets and go to elephant, with excuses of lack of sleep galore quite a good day was had. except by Rob who mostly curled up in a miriad of positions infront of various boulders. Elephant's a pretty nice place and chilled out, i soon scrapped all pretentions of it being a pottering day and got stuck into Partenaire Particulier
After about 20mins the deal was sealed despite feeling a bit rough around the edges, despite Ned's 1hr of sleep he still got up Envie d'Ailes in 2 goes, my excuse of feeling ropey was overruled by Neds superior excuse of sleep deprivation.
So i thought i better get properly ill, luckily for me i woke up the next morning with what looked like PVA glue plastered round my tonsils and with glands the size of gonads. "Man flu" turned out to be strep throat and i had 2 rest days followed by a trip to the french incarnation of mr potato head (a cheery doctor) who gave me some tasty antibiotics, these allowed me to climb but i still felt like i was scraping base level performance out my body despite some stellar whinging.

Meanwhile Ned'd got a good nights sleep in him and set about dispensing weeks of pent up psyche. If it wasn't for a severe bout of English finishing syndrome then Karma would have been lapped about 6 times, unfortunately the finishing hold remained 1 inch from grasp. It looked like Imothep was going to inflict similar torture, with Ned lapping through the crux and upto the last moves every go. After some tantalisingly close goes including slapping the very top, Ned's skin was thinner than a flies wing and he had to tape his entire right hand. After a duff go like this and nearly chucking in the towel he must have given himself a little talking to as the next go was utter crap technically compared to previous goes, what did emerge was one of the most impressive bits of climbing i've ever seen. Sometimes you see sends that are a bit special, and sometimes you see a person 100% focussed on achieving their goal. Despite a comletely taped right hand on a hideously slopey compression 8a Ned growled his way up the top moves of imothep using a mixture of pure rage and absolute focus.
That's probably enough text for now but i'll write a bit more later on and whack some pics up.
We're despatching a few boards this week and should have quite alot more via the weekend. I'm still on antibiotics and am generally pretty cranky due to a week and a bit of training withdrawls



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