Wednesday, January 14, 2009

LH variants badly informed training plan

well after incurring an index finger typing injury i'm left typing with back 3 on my LH (no joke) so i'll keep this frank.

Goals: (all taining needs specific goals)
be able to do 1 arm half crimp repeaters on 10mm rung for both arms with as little assistance (preferably none) as possible.
1 arm repeaters on the 35 degree slopers.
front 2 crimp repeaters on 10mm rung with no assistance.

these goals relate to goals for outdoor projects i have in mind where i think this strength will come in most handy.

this weeks training plan:
yesterday: go on the Black beastmaker board and try do as many of Hutton Magnas hard problems as possible and flash them, whilst making sure i dont insult the board too much. Roughly acheived except for getting shut down on MC Page's undercut horror move. (Tom crushed some steely projects as well whilst whinging about being weak and getting his skirt in a twist)

thursday: get reacquainted with White beastmaker (the one in the vid) and get stuck into the 2 5a/5b projects, depending on how this goes, subsequent training will be affected. ( open to time suggestions if anyone else is keen? 4ish?)
fri: rest
sat: fingerboard, specific goals.
Sun: 16 move circuits to prepare for silly euro problems (which are amazing)

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Blogger Unknown said...

"front 2 crimp repeaters on 10mm rung with no assistance."
er... holy fuck!

January 14, 2009 at 2:23 PM  

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