Wednesday, January 28, 2009

now + then

If your wondering why things have been a touch quiet it's because 2/3rds of Beastmaker HQ have been studying for university finals, as well as training like monkeys on ritalin and there are also dissertations looming . Whack all these into your day and things get a bit hectic, still if you can't take the pressure get the hell out the kitchen. Dave is now merrily churning out fingerboards ready for post font distribution. This'll be when we really get everything together and start functioning as well as our machine (which functions amazingly well, thankyou!).

If you want to see/ train on a beastmaker in the flesh they are now in the foundry climbing centre in sheffield and should be in the Climbing Works by thursday

On the training front my specific index finger training appears to be working, as a quick strength test the other night gave some impressive results, one arm 1/2 crimping on the bottom RH edge is coming along too with decreased resistance being needed. Ned has been finding training too easy so he's infected his little finger tendon and cracked his skin to add more of a challenge to his day. Despite this he is still crushing lots of stuff, it's just he almost complains about stuff 1/3rd as much as i do now.

Hopefully Font will remain "blue" in the sky department and our weeks of repressed enthusiasm can be released upon a tide of unsuspecting orange circuits, we have hopes of doing the odd red circuit too. We'll be staying at Maisonbleau who shalt be recieving a custom engraved fingerboard for their troubles, so now our board grades will be font official! hopefully their resident 8B boar hunting beast will be on hand to give us a tour too.

Neither of us have climbed outside in weeks due to exams so either way it should be a nice change.

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Blogger vengatssaaa! said...

Hey guys, Im loving the blog and the website. The fingerboard looks awsome and the training tips have been ace. However, I was wondering what sort of campus routine you guys have? Strong fingers is obviously key but campusing has deffinately helped my burlyness. Any tips so I too can become more beastly! Cheers guys! And good luck with the exams.

January 29, 2009 at 6:14 AM  
Blogger dobbin said...

look - jerry endorsing a beastmaker!

February 10, 2009 at 1:42 AM  

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