Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rain has led to training over the past weeks. This isn’t a problem as I like hanging out with/onto my beastmaker and progress is being made. 

We are planning a quick font trip in Feb so I have been getting psyched out of my mind for slopers. Dan reported that the 45s had been chinned with no cheating. I though I would take things to the next sloping level and did 3 pull ups on them. I reckon a bit of sticky damp helps so it’s a great excuse to train after a grit session when skin is thin!

So after that quick training spell I though it would be time to put my new hands to the test. By now there was no more rain left to fall so the rocks had no choice but to dry and come into condition – some of the best I have had on grit i think. 

After warming up on a few highballs and some smaller problems I headed over to seal the deal with one of the best lines around...

Last winter (the day Ryan did it).....

This winter....

Sloper strength 20% better and grin 20% bigger.

Dan is not slacking either. After crushing all the existing problems on the board he is in need of a challenge so is brewing up the next batch of wood and resin based insanity, as well as dispatching a few little grit problems here and there and getting very close to some "bigger" grit problems.


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