Thursday, May 6, 2010


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Down at Nigga rock...

The temps dropped right off on sunday and the cloud was loitering about the sky like chavs in a bus stop, it looked like things would just about stay ok but things could have kicked off at any time. I decided to hedge my bets and try a problem i'd run past for a few months now and admired. So i hooked into my whip and kicked through a few gears down the drag, screaming through the rough suburban neighborhoods and perilous gang land of Hallamshire golf club, where many a clubbing has occurred. skirmishing through the trees i arrived at the treacherous gangland destination of "Nigga rock" (formerly known as Bell Hagg) see pic below, believe me i wish i was making this stuff up.
I wanted to try the whippet (Mike Adams fine addition to the crag) and quickly found out that i was strung out like a banjo trying to keep my feet on the back whilst compressing the crap out of nothing, this way is at least hard 8a+. So i turned to a heel on slightly less than nothing too and worked the angles, 20+ attempts later it stuck and i managed to keep it together on the 6a top out and propped a crap in its ass, or whatever them gangsters say innit.
I thought this was a great problem and with it being 1.7miles from my house it's not like i had an excuse!

for some reason i had a east coast hip hop version of that in my head all session, and thought i'd share it with you :)

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