Monday, September 28, 2009

online ordering now up.

We've been beavering away these past weeks, and the 2000series boards are now in surplus stock. We are due to make a large batch of 1000series also and due to back order size VS our production capacity we have decided to take them online too as that way we can get boards out fast, order priority will still be given to people whom have waited the longest mind.

you can order the boards from here:

Ned and Dave are already on the continent, crushing european font 8A+s and the trip has barely started. hopefully all the cellar hang time will pay off, keep your eye out for blog updates as we head to Germany

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Monday, September 21, 2009


A few months back we received an extra special beastmaker order to Germany and so we decided that we should deliver the board personally. We felt that a 6 week trip was needed to complete the exchange so all best plans were laid, some Aussies were keen and i've never been to the Jura without an antipodean, or more like they've never been without getting rid of me. So this year we plan on eating more cakes than ever and enjoying herbst and october fest along with some cool crisp days and some serious pockets/slopers/crimps.

Anyway for a bit of flava of last years banterful trip then check this video out. The funny numbers are german grades, if you don't know em learn them. The sound track is inspired by Germany's finest radio station Bayern Drie, which has no shame in milking any resource of classic 80's and 90's hits along with themed days! On one rainy day whilst we were there they played rain themed songs all day, witty chaps.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

making changes

There have been a number of changes to the site in the past few days,

the most significant being an article explaining the ins and outs of how to mount a fingerboard in various positions/places around your home:

as suggestive as that sounds it is quite useful to consider these things as you might be able to mount a board in your home where by previously you thought it impossible.

The other article is for the grade obsessed as i'm sick of people moaning about inconsistencies in the boards:
So your qualms are answered here.

Meanwhile back in the real world, the motherboard at the works got shot of alot of its unused and unpopular holds, only to be placed by about 90 new symmetrical wooden ones. Hopefully this'll improve the board a decent amount and further enhance the, already copious, beastmaking potential in sheffield

Saturday, September 12, 2009

sap wood-new growth

treeclose, originally uploaded by Beastmaker. inc.

We're getting through the 2000 back orders now and are just staggering them for logistical purposes.

Which means that 1000series back orders are next, once we're through these you'll be able to order boards online whenever you want.

The 1000series page was also put on the site today.

More articles are on their way too