Tuesday, February 1, 2011

bring out your dead...hangs

me doing a reasonably ok 1 armer on the 35s (no thumb, no nestle)

35s 1 armer from beastmaker.co.uk on Vimeo.

meanwhile on the other side of the planet...
Sam Edwards larking about on a beastmaker during his first session!

This concept has been in the pipeline for a while and with some renewed psyche brought about through the making of a new website, which'll be much more training/user friendly we'd like beastmaker users to upload (or email me) videos of easy-hard feats of strength on the beastmaker (please tag the videos with BEASTMAKER and DEADHANGS), they don't have to be desperate, anything off the old records page'll do. we'll then incorporate all the vids onto the new training section of our site, if feats are impressive enough we might even dole out some prize money!

The idea is to gradually build up a library of beastmaker waddage, which anyone can watch to get psyched for doing a bit of fingerboarding, and as a result get some stronger digits (provided you don't get injured) we'll tier the vids in stages of advancement so please even if you think what you're doing isn't cutting edge it could still be useful so get it uploaded. Even full sets of reps or timed hangs'd be nice.

In other news Ned won the BBCs again to become a triple champ and reclaim the title from the crimping Irish. He let himself go a bit after the comp mind when one too many belgium waffles got the better of him. Still there's nothing tastier than a natural weight belt.
pic, ben morton.