Saturday, November 22, 2008


Close is an adverb appearing from the depths of our vocabulary as a way of describing how near we are to completion, Come next weekend (30th...ish), things should be getting more lively on the site (more articles etc.) and in the workshop. Its been a long time coming but hopefully it'll prove to have been worth it on both sides of the virtual counter.

Updates to records:
Ned has officially static chinned the 45s with no in swing or cheating tactics, RESPECT! this entailed keeping a bit of sweat on the tips.

I nearly back2'ed the slopey pockets before twinging my finger a tiny bit, and am working on a few new projects on the board.

Rupert Davies has been crushing on his board and no doubt has some impressive feats, he has certainly equalled many of my initial records with ease.

I also teach kids on Sat mornings and 2 of them (one a 7yr old girl) can dead hang the bottom rung crimps! never mind Beastmaker, its going to have to be Uberwadmaker for these future Brit stars. support grass roots talent people, if 7 year olds burn you off with no chalk and trainers lend them some chalk and get inspired.

tomorrow is national punch a traffic warden day, its part of Karma days, a most excellent idea to equal out national karma levels during the CREDIT CRUNCH. (i wish)


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