Thursday, November 6, 2008


Aside from a bit of gritstone highballing (and trying desperately to keep up with fatman Dan), I have just got back from a little trip to Paris, where a little team of Brits were entering a big climbing competition.

Before this I wasn’t feeling too psyched, but had kept hammering the training because I wanted to get myself a good result and I knew that to do this I would have to be feeling STRONG.

Fortunately for me, psyche came flooding back at the comp when I walked into a room full of the biggest beasts imaginable. This year the European Championships was a combined event with leading, speed and bouldering (followed by drinking) occurring over the same weekend, so you can imagine the ridiculous amount of talent that was wandering about, veiny armed and skinny legged.

Anyway, I managed to claw my way up a few problems and not do too badly, having a lot of fun in the process. Winner.

Morale of the story =

Motivation can come and go, but it always comes back so bite down and train while you can, because you don’t want to waste that rare moment of psyche + conditions + a good opportunity on trying to get back to strength.

But what about our machine?
Its well on its way to being built. This is a small part of the electronics. As you can see, this isn’t as simple as bolting some mechano together and attaching a motor – hence the delay.



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