Sunday, September 28, 2008

back to work:

So the "summer" is drawing in and the sound of cellar doors is begging to replace bird song in sheffield as training/grit season starts. Our inbox is now is beginning to confirm this with a cumulative interest beggining to pour in.

deadlines wouldn't be deadlines if we didn't miss them mind, as much as i love having a business that doesn't sell anything! Unfortunately when parts suppliers let you down then all you can do is wait.

Dave reckons if all the parts get here on time from now on (so far so good lately) then the


should be the final construction date with our very special planks of wood appearing soon after in a shower of sawdust as back orders are demolished.

on the climbing side of things, i can fully recommend the frankenjura for trying out beastmaker pocket strength and if yours truly can waddle up the odd hard route and boulder occasionally then god knows what someone with some actual talent could achieve.

Speaking of which myself and Ned have just started coaching and have already found the next Malc Smith and Steve Mclure, no mini gaskins yet, but bald 7 year olds are hard to come by.


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