Thursday, August 21, 2008

the fine art of resting

Suprise suprise its the wettest August ever on record. That means that in the last 250ish years of accurate readings no amount of rain has surpassed the barrage of liquid depression hitting the North, the list of font 8a-8c problems that stay dry in the rain and dont seep is shorter than a primordial dwarf. sometimes it can get you riled trying projects in england and thinking how easy life could be if you had the support that other sports take for granted and a drier climate. unfortunately this gets me no further so heels just have to be dug in and teeth just get gritted, still, the harder the fight... If i want to climb hard on paper i know where to go, paper will never beat rock where my hands are involved however. right now i just want to remain inspired by spending my freetime trying the things that truly inspire me, Be it 2 more sessions or 2 more years i will climb the queens project from a sitter. At the moment it is very 'hard' and it's why i have to train. "Hard" being the rabbit to the greyhounds. Today i walked through half an hour of rain and got licked by 3 hours of light showers just to get the top of my project dialled. It must of been about 10 degrees and cacaphonically windy.

The top is now tapped into the engrams which is good as manditory double dynos at the same height as the top of careless torque but with a worse landing arent something i want to be thinking mid move on. that said it will be a very very cool ending. Ending being the conclusion of something started nearly 2 years ago and which now feels like all i need is one more session as i've done all the moves as of today. unfortunately i've only managed 2 sessions on it this year due to RAIN and Uni work, also a kick up the arse hasn't hurt in the last week. Time has been called... for now but i'm going to make a special effort to travel up come october and november. Prior to today I took 4 days off due to Field work and a funeral. this lead to a few personal things ringing home and my arse being kicked into gear, along with some wonderfully scary phantom injuries which always arrive after time off. Weight is now being sensibly dropped and germany is 5 days away, i have done zero route training and feel terrible after too many days fieldwork in the lakes. All the bounce from 2 weeks ago has left and their is no taste more bitter than losing form. what is lost can be found again sooner though, and i've got a pretty good idea where to look.
Ned will be in the driving seat whilst im away and Dave is making good progress on the building front.


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