Friday, July 17, 2009

breaking the bows and making waves

Post cliffhanger myself and Ned headed upto the county/ the lakes for a bit of winding down. This was good for me as i could enjoy the beauty of climbing outdoors whilst healing up my finger on some stress free sends. It also gave Ned a chance to unwind from all the pressure of competing and get keen for rock again until comp season starts again.
The weather wasn't all too great but we made do and chose venues wisely. Visiting the bowederstone on my 22nd birthday brought back memories of me climbing there when i was 14 and finding problems like power pinch desperate. Although ironically it was one of the few problems which escaped me today due to my finger disagreeing with the top crimps. I still came to realise how much progress has been made over the past 9 years that i have been climbing. The same goes for Ned and to illustrate a point i thought i'd highlight his ticklist from 2 days climbing (sorry Ned), one at Bowden and one at the Bowderstone. Guide book grades have been used in brackets, our opinions being the main grade.
Day 1. (22 degC, still and muggy)
pockets traverse (7c), 2nd go
7b+ (7b) sitter through it. flash.
severus snape 7b (7b+). flash
staggered sit start. 7c+/8a (8a)
the crack. 7c/+ (8a)
sprung. flash. 7b+/c (7c)
transformer LH 3rd go. 7c (7c)
Day 2. (rainy but cool)
impropa sitter 7c+ (8a)
grand opera sitter, local sequence 7c+/8a (8a)
special cases 8a (8a/+)
phantom of the opera (rocking straight off the ramp) 7c+ (8a)

sometimes you can lose sight and not realise how much your improving, yet old venues never lie. We really think we're onto something with the way we train. Our boards are more a sounding board (excuse the lack of synonyms) for an approach to training if you just hang it in your house along with other bits of gear it will do nothing except be a rather nice looking innanimate shelf. Yet put some time in and get your head round it and it should come to life. An ideal if you will. we try to make good our promise of our company name and we (currently) stand proudly by these ideals.

What's in a name?
give us a few years and hopefully we'll show you...

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