Tuesday, June 23, 2009

moving on

well back garden beastmaker is no more, we've been shipping out of Dave's garage for the past few days and its safe to say that CNC machines are heavy, very heavy, as are metal mills, band saws and steel lathes... yep all pretty darn heavy. But that isn't enough hard work so myself and Ned are currently wittling over 200 holds for the awesome new wall in Leeds "The Depot".

This wall should be fitted by next week sometime and we reckon it'll be the finest commercial board in the UK, until We upgrade the works board with even nicer holds at some point in the future. The new workshop is about 1000% bigger than the old one and we should have positive stock within the next month or so, meaning that the website can finally host online purchasing. I'll upload workshop pictures soon. Other than that we've been having late night training sessions in Liecesters premier board venue (complete with cordial hosts and cheesecake!) where Ned has been regaling me with beastly tales of Liecesters dark horses (some of whom are our staff) and their pinching and crimping feats. So board psyche is high at the minute,my gay fingjury seems to be sorting itself with a bit of brute stubborness and trial and error, or should that be error and less error?
Anyway Dowels are now flavour of the week and the harness has been forgotten for now. Ned is attempting to heave his back around the boards for more than 5 moves on the trot in the name of fitness, but is insisting it's not for routes whilst muttering something about Barrows or Barrans or something.

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