Thursday, January 14, 2010

snowed under

Well January has been pretty non existent in terms of hard grit sendage, except for some froggatt action. It seems that most people are house/ wall bound in all this snow, a good time to get a fingerboard indeed ;)

We've been training hard in sheffers for sure, Ned is off to font on Saturday and will be scribing the odd holiday yarn on here over the next 6 weeks. He's on good form so some good ticks should go down. They're armed with many a font DVD and hopefully the weather will lend itself to bouldering rather than sledging or canoeing.
Meanwhile over here i've been (and will continue to be) fingerboarding and on the board at the works, which now has an only topo in the form of a wiki. Which is helping me to gradually get back to some good form.

A little part of me cant help but think that with a little organisation, and brushing some snow drift hard grit could go down in brilliant fashion, with pads being the hard part of landings. that said most sane people are getting up early and heading out with axes at the minute, not brooms.


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