Monday, December 7, 2009


Dynamics, originally uploaded by Nick Hensman.

About this time of year it is good to review what we've been training for and what problems outdoors are worth making the effort to get done. Both Ned and I have started to spend more hours indoors as the bad weather lends itself to getting stronger, so that when it finally does break you can capitalise on it.
Although, what is different to last year is that i've also been trying to get stuck into things outdoors. Seeing as though it is only since getting back from Germany that my hands have been functioning anywhere near properly. So in my mind i have a large backlog of ascents to finish off and to get started on. WHich was going well until this week when i caught some winter lurgy after a night out at the warehouse project.
Aside from that we're working hard to fulfill our orders to customers and shops. As well as planning a really nice training website which should be up in january.
I've also been following the run up to Copenhagen very closely and have been chuckling away at fox news's "Climategate" stories, which have gone from juxtaposing cherry picked statements to full on fantasy in a desperate bid to put a spanner in the works of negotiations.
Copenhagen has the potential to be very important to everything to do with human activities in the next 50years, which is probably why there will be nothing concrete agreed, as there is too much at stake. Unless our meek politicians do something profound and historical and actually take a united stand on something (if anything, ever, it should be this)
Apologies for not talking about climbing, (especially seeing as though half the western worlds papers have united in a common editorial
I'll post a nice video up tomorrow to make amends


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I'll post a nice video up tomorrow to make amends

pure lies.

December 9, 2009 at 9:23 AM  

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