Friday, July 31, 2009


The coupling has arrived from Japan for the machine (2 days late), and it's been installed, so we're hoping to be distributing boards again by the end of next week (pending confirmation off Dave)

However the media and climbing side of beastmaker is going strong. A macbook saviour ping ponged its way up the country via UPS (as well as back and forth to our house a few times!), and now the backlog of 1 years worth of footage is being sifted through.

First up we have a St Bees installment featuring some new and some rare blocs. And even though i stumbled upon Tim's crack right at the end of the day, after trying some other tasty projects. I sullied up some punt-power to make sure that the chance to climb one of the nicest 7c's in the country (when DRY!) didn't escape me. And what a crackalacking problem it is, not a jam in sight and tasty pockets and footlocks. The experience was added to by the tide creeping closer and closer on each go, with a few close calls nearly turning the pads into skim boards.

 The other footage is from when pedigree champ Feehally swept by for a day and climbed everything at the crag, so he fettled off a few projects for good measure. 
This was my first pop at editing HD with decent software so it's a bit rough round the edges but things should smooth off gradually vid to vid.
We've tried to set viewing standards at >7c, or interesting new problems, as that's what i'd prefer to watch if i had the chance. I'm keen on keeping the edits simple and just trying to capture the banter and atmosphere of sessions outside. As it's no surprise that west coast gimps eclipses over produced eye candy like "pure". Critical vid analysis will be much appreciated, as i even find myself skipping though quite a lot of vid sections these days if my attention wanes. 

In Conclusion:
Beastmaker will be a non fictional business again by the end of next week.
Beastmaker now subjects people to moving pictures, with a curveball guerilla style.



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And when might these videos be appearing?

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