Thursday, May 28, 2009

end of silence

Well both Ned and I have handed in our last ever coursework and we're now a few exams shy of freedom, some say its like a warm wave of happiness hitting you, but they're probably overly emotional philosophy student. All i know is that i expect to undo months of training in a few days and i'm praying to wake up in a nice gutter (the leafy kind rather than the bottly hyperdermic kind).
Only joking, we've got a few trips planned but mainly we'll be helping Dave upgrade our factory from a garden shed to a proper industrial unit. That way beastmaker hq will be able to create our superplanks at a pace fast enough to supply everyone. whoop whoop.

We haven't been upto much except training. Ned came 2nd in the plywood masters to
Dave 'so solid' Barrans.
Training for me has consisted of a day of pocket power on the board followed by a session on the fingerboard ruining anything which was fresh from the day before.
My finger injury (ring finger crimp) was getting better rapidly with some targeted exercises until i got sucked into some wide pinching exercises and ruined a good weeks progress. Being antisocial is probably a good recovery plan from injury, but it isn't much fun.
both Ned and I have picked up more injuries since starting this type of training, but we have also got alot stronger too, and the trend has always ended up being upwards.
over the last 2 years though the only 2 proper injuries i've had are the current one and a broken pinky last year, but there have been quite a few niggles along the way.

A new batch of boards including the elusive 1000 series should be arriving this weekend, which is rather handy.



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