Friday, April 3, 2009


Spring has fully sprung and its upgrading time here at beastmaker hq, we're all set to crush the last of our back order and hopefully develop some surplus stock for once. We've been chuffed with people hunting us out though. Just to support our theory further Ned has crushed several 8a-8b blocs in the past month, including the third ascent of Serenity and 2nd known ascent of the menace at Sheep Pen which isn't bad for someone who whinges about his Ghetto booty.
The site is gradually being sorted out secretly and an online payment facility will emerge from the shadows once we have some surplus stock.
For myself it was back to the one and only Queens today to try the sitter to Arc Royal, and without a doubt the complete line. Initial strength wilted and i only managed 1 go of getting into the crux of the original before total spanktown reared its ugly head. As well as a bruised tip OUCH! This is an absolute euro monster line and not usually my style (i prefer brick hard slap you in the face moves)
So project/ yard brush time was called and queens now has another 2 >8a projects to go at, these puppies are savage crimp central and both are awesome lines.
Tom also managed the 5th ascent of queen kong via an impressive sequence of gangly cutlooses. I also found out that i can retro flash this problem with more than a year off it. Leading me to conclude that my latest project is somewhat taxing and also that QK is one of my all time favourite boulders.

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