Saturday, August 9, 2008

pure rage

So after a strict rest day i was ready to try and really crush one of the hard projects i had found the day before around the ship boulder area. Think roof prows and 70 degree walls on lovely bitey crimps. after warming up the breeze dropped, as did the penny. Midges, SHITTING ARSEING SODOMISING SATANIC MIDGES, now i can normally stand the odd one and i had my avon skin so soft on, but these are the Scottish Shinpu, a devine wind sent to stop English raiders at all cost. the first hour consisted of running about then darting in and trying to get my shoes on and chalk up before they came. I have never been so Mad in my whole life, like kicking a bull in the bollocks i was off. I can take so much but Midges biting inside your nose would even get on Muhatma Gandies tits i reckon.

SO i ran round the hill finding even more projects pencilled in for october, when i hope to actually be able to pull on some rock without being in a real life zombie movie where going outside means being eaten alive. Screw AIDS can't we eradicate the great satan that is midgies first.
I am so annoyed at not being able to climb some of the Projects that a new level of rage is being brewed within and turned into training fuel. I escaped home to a Hot Sweaty bowden and got within a CM of working class about 8 times, which i was suprisingly happy about rather than peeved, i felt a session had been salvaged where most of england would be inside. 5c is feeling like a warm up again and i unleashed some of the emergency crimp (aka lockdown) at Bowden.
its good to be back.


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