Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Royal Visit

So for once in british bouldering everything spouted around actually happened. Queens had 10 people at the crag at one point on Saturday and chalk was even visible on some of the blocs. Full respect goes to Ben, Keith and Ned for making the Journey in a day visit. Just shows that: He who dares... to drive somewhere different; will enjoy himself.
Unfortunately the Law of the Sod smote ben down by growing him a knee for an elbow with a patella sized swelling and a rash that would make a ginger kid proud.
So team Baximuscle Feehally & Bradbury were left to deal some heavy blows to queens. BBC champion started well upto problem No 4 with an excellent official send of 'The Power is On' Bradbury swiftly followed with a crafty send showing he's not all about the pulling and has some good sandstone nouse. Queen Kong held off all comers and bit 3 bloody diamonds into keiths hand as he tried to squeeze her 2 aretes into 1 to make Partage, she was having none of it. Ned used his combi legs well with average leg to arm distance about 30cm and soon clamped upto the crux on many occasions, suffering a torn heel on his shoe for his troubles.
The Rabbit Stone wrapped up the day nicely and we all fell off a nice easy 7b called Red Dragon then had a quick play on a poxy eliminate arete project which should be a nice 7c+ addition to the crag.

Dissertation work has Begun and Gangle is now the 3rd british owner of a full sized Beastmaker training board. These are the 12foot by 8foot 50 degree versions. and as a result i have a sore back so i might go and hang from my fingers for a bit. Videos will start appearing when my pc gets upgraded enough to edit them.
Ned has just buggered off to South Africa for 2 weeks too see how the whites deal with the "Im so white people use me for metering white balance whites " and sock them a bit of empethetical justice for their years of wrongful opression and homelands policy, either that or he's gone on a nice family holiday.


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