Monday, August 31, 2009


So the wettest month of the year is drawing to a close and people can get keen for the 3 best months of the year for trying most projects Sept, Oct and Nov are some of the driest, coolest and most reliable months in the northern hemisphere, i find it interesting how many people insist on trying to climb hard in august when it is the worst month in the year statistically, hot and wet are too naughty words in bouldering. August is for augmenting, so long as your near a fan then it's a good time to sneak in some sly training ready for when good conditions arrive.
Which happily coincides with the fact that i'm unable to climb outside due to a v bad finger injury. sustained on an outdoor project.
Board production-wise we are now upto mid-ish july in the back order but should be upto mid august by next saturday, we've had one final hiccup but this was nothing too major, more pernickety.
It's a big relief for all of us to be going again and hopefully we can get onto a big batch of 1000 series next as we haven't forgotten don't worry.

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