Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scottish streams of consciousness

So i popped to Torridon for a few days last week (a mere 5 and a half hour jaunt), i am unsure whether to write a trip report or a holiday guide/article as i feel alot of people won't have a clue where or what i'm on about. It is the armchair explorers paradise, as the first boulders are roadside, it soon turns into a haystack as you search the hill for Queen lines ;) as you can't see the problems for the rock. Fuvvamore it is also a good place to chill out as the youth hostel/ camping is 2 minutes walk from the nearest boulder problems. Basically i had my eye on 4 previously spied lines. I arrived to warm temps which would usually have most people complaining but my dry skin was just about coping ok, i got stuck into the really steep arete project after warming up on & around Vapour Trail, this had culminated in me finding my pant filling zone at about 7m with 2pads and no spotters, (resulting in emergency crimp being unleashed on holds far too big to warrant its official use) Classic! my trip had been made already.
Anyhow, said arete was steep and bulbous, she was big on the footholds but was scrimping back on the grips. After trying to use all the beautiful holds for about half an hour i settled for skipping most of them and firing to a slopey pinch/sidepull at full extension and waiting for my heel to bite, the rest is compression wobbliness off bountiful pleasure. That's jolly nice i thought, so i packed up and walked home; yeah right, i took five and smashed it in the goolies whilst enjoying every second. 'A fridge too far' was the first victim of the trip and i doubt it warrants more than 7c+. For peak aficionados it's basically a longer and harder version of the well known 7b+/c 'The Terrace'
I then hurt my finger a bit trying to repeat it for the camera, so i sacked things off for the day and pondered what tomorrow would bring. (pics from Richie Betts and Mike Lee, Cheers guys)

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Blogger Chris Davies said...

Hey Dan,

Looks cool - sorry I could'nt make it up that far in the end - Dumby was shite.

There is, however. one possible thing wrong with that photo.

Either that due to planned dynamical movment, camera shake, or - dare I say it - untamed slappiness!

Only time will tell! Keep up the good, intrepid work, and hopefully catch you somwhere soon.

May 7, 2009 at 3:10 AM  

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