Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A beginning...

So here we go, myself, Ned and Dave have finally got our arses into gear enough to bundle a slap dash company together. We have been training on the Beastmaker 2000 for a year now and have both seen considerable gains in strength. Ned is conveniently the BBC champion and i have been busy on the outdoor front finding outdoor projects that hopefully take me more than a session or two. Dave is the behind the scenes techno beast who has hand built a 4 axis CAD CAM machine as few other companies seem to meet our design standards. he can also pick up an 8'x4' sheet of ply by pinching it in the middle and has been known to do the odd one armer (a mandatory prerequisite for all employees).
So on account that we need to spread the word that the campusboard benchmark of fingerboards has finally arrived. I have agreed to regularly sell my soul and share some of my rocky adventures with anyone who can be bothered to read it. Going by the last week it should hopefully be atleast a slightly above prosaic read as we get out often due to being bloody students and i'm basically a hardcore outdoor climber and board beaster.

A quick note on the boards: they are made from sustainable english sources, at present they are made of tulip wood however this is likely to change as sustainable supplies do, we will try to insure quality is never compromised (i.e. dont use pine or other poorly textured woods) and they should provide you with the comfiest least tweaky terribly small holds to get strong on.

so without much ado let the verbal tirade of self publishing commence

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